Shamarie has a unique ability to effortlessly move between the worlds

What is a Metaphysician?

Broadly speaking, contemporary physics is the study of the material world. "Meta" physics is the study of the subtle spiritual realms that come before or after the material world.

A Metaphysician is engaged in the pursuit of sacred science (knowledge).
The science of healing, magic and miracles through observation and changing the subtle energies that underpin our material world.

A Metaphysician endeavours to understand existence and the nature of things in existence, particularly the nature of
consciousness, space, time, causality and the inter-relatedness of all things.
Metaphysics for Shamarie is the study and facilitation of the human potential.

Metaphysics is the study of the expression of consciousness. Everything in your world is a product
of your consciousness and the collective consciousness. Change your consciousness and magic happens.

Are metaphysician's also psychics? Well they can be and having some psychic ability whether it be clairaudient
(hear the non-physical world), clairsentient (feel the non-physical world) or clairvoyant (see the non-physical world).
It certainly helps to have psychic ability when observing the world of non-matter but it is not essential.
Mathematicians don't need to be psychic to understand and work with conceptual maths.

A lot of people make the mistake of believing that if someone is psychic they are necessarily spiritual, this
is also not necessarily true. Being psychic is an ability. Spirituality is not necessarily about religion either,
though it can be. Spirituality is the recognition that each of us are more than a physical body and that
we have a soul that is striving to reach it's full potential and ascend to a higher vibrational level of existence.
Spirituality is not exclusive of our environment and all other life forms.

Shamarie a accomplished Metaphysician and Energy healing in Adelaide. Shamarie has an extensive and
far reaching understanding of the subtle causative factors of the human mind and emotions. She uses this
knowledge to facilitate healing and the spiritual growth of all who aspire to be all that they can be.
Shamarie's ability to understand the energy and structure of our mind and emotions enables her to help
you dismantle what is no longer needed and upgrade to a more life affirming "software".
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Shamarie has the ability to help anyone deconstruction their old thought and emotional patterns
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