Who is the Creator Within?

Spiritual Healing ShamariePart of us is constantly creating our life circumstances; our relationships, our financial situations and of course our health. Most of us are caught up in our drama, continually playing it out day in and day out. We can complain about it, try to minimize it, but until we are ready to resolve the reasons why circumstances are as they are, they will continue to be so. It is the prime directive of your Alter-ego and unconscious mind to continually create events that play out your wounds, misunderstandings or in-completions from this life time as well as others. The wonder is that we don’t recognise sooner the same thing happening over and over again the only difference is the stage props and people. Do we absolutely create everything in our lives? Probably not, but what we do have absolute power over is how we react to what happens in our lives.

If you have started to recognise your spiritual patterns, the next step is to heal and release the need for them.

Healing requires honest self-reflection. However, healing should not be a process of self-flagellation and recrimination. Healing yourself and spiritual growth should be approached with detachment, compassion and a sizeable dose of humour. For most, spiritual growth and healing requires that you get into a relationship with someone who you feel comfortable with and who is spiritually ahead of you or someone whose life purpose is to help others heal and evolve. This does not mean that they are better than you for this concept comes from divisive thinking, but as Einstein is accredited with saying “the mind that created the problems cannot usually fix the problems”. Development of the outside observer takes time in the meantime you can enlist the help of someone else to do that for you.

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