spiritual metamorphous

Spiritual Healing Requires Metamorphous

Complete metamorphous is possible for everyone through healing and spiritual development.

The learning environment that we call planet Earth known throughout the universe as the emerald plant is a planet of polarity. This means that at some stage all of us must experience being absolute darkness as well as absolute light. Unfortunately because humanity has forgotten this we like to make distinctions between what is good and what is evil. Religions, terrorism and wars are the outworking of this collective thought process.

Since the advent of our fascination with understanding and mastering the material world from the perspective of science we have forgotten and denied the existence of the unseen energies. The modern material sciences deny the existence of spirit or mind substance, though this is starting to change. This is only because the exploration of metaphysics was not part of the ‘scientific’ charter and never has been. It is interesting to note that the world of science which prides itself on exploration and proof dismisses what it does not understand without even checking first.

The exploration and understanding of spirit has been left in the hands of religion.
Fundamental religious interpretation has not been updated or expanded or experimented with for many centuries. Unfortunately religion and science often have the common ground of dogma. At present the world or material science and metaphysics are colliding and the two streams of thought see themselves as poles apart and certain adversaries. Hopefully soon spirituality and healing without the need for religion will come to pass.

Perhaps Quantum Physics will eventually bring their two systems of thought together.

Each and every one of us has the right to express to our fullest potential whatever that may be. The challenge is to remove the limitation of current thought and philosophies. There are no absolute truths in the world. Before you adopt a truth, first investigate what impact that truth has upon your world, is it a life giving truth or one that creates division? It is up to each and every one of us to decide what is truth and what has meaning for us. If your current truth does not enrich your life; allow for expansion of thought and add value and meaning to all of life including yourself then it’s time for a change.

Our current systems of thoughts and meaning of life are creating division and alienation. It is time to move from the position of singularity: “my way is the only right way” to the position of “there are many ways from which to choose”

I came into this world because I chose to,
not because another chose to have me
or to be in a relationship with a god – because it pleases someone else.
Therefore I owe no one anything as payment for my existence,
I exist because I choose to exist.
Metamorphous is more than just changing your mind or some of your beliefs. Metamorphous is a process of complete change at a structural level. Shamarie has the unique ability to help others bring about change to this degree.

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