Spiritual Development is a step by step processEverything in the universe is consciousness and energy. Some refer to this underlying substance of life as Mind. I believe that is more than just mind. Everything is in a state of either expansion or contraction, all is evolution; both the animate and the inanimate. The human body and consciousness contains within it the energies of everything else in the universe.

Balance between Dark and Light, Male and Female, Negative and Positive is the Key

A bright white light can obscure and blind just as easily as complete darkness. We have the capacity to be all things and no thing. As your consciousness becomes more evolved you can wilfully with intention connect with any other frequency or energy in the universe.

At present many are unable to do so themselves and are reliant upon another or ritual to provide the bridging link. Ideally we should all aspire to reach our full potential and connect for ourselves. This of course does not mean that we all have the capacity to do all things equally in any given life time. It would be a very boring world if we were all the same. We all have our individual strengths and weakness. The challenge is to contribute our specialty, our strengths to the world rather than trying to be all things to all people.

Shamarie’s rare and unique strength is to help you deconstruct what no longer serves you.

Your personal ratios of darkness and light, negative and positive, male and female are expressed through your personality, physical form, health and life circumstances. The energy signature that you are, is perfect and balanced for who you are in any given moment. Therefore embracing change requires some degree of imbalance as you move to the next position of balance.

Like crossing a river via stepping stones.

If you are currently unhappy with the way you are at present, then it’s time to change your energy signature. Shamarie can help you through her unique style of healing and personal development. Essentially change your consciousness and you change your material world.