Be the Star You AreYou are the Star Attraction In Your Life

Life is about choices. Knowledge and awareness both modern and ancient expand our personal and collective choices. The more you expand your self knowledge the more you can become your full potential. Each and every one of us must decide whether we are going to continue to support subjugation and separation based on differences of race, gender, species or philosophical standpoint. Even deciding to do nothing is a choice.

We are all responsible for our choices and the cause and effect of these choices. By cause and effect I do not imply karma or punishment, just natural cause and effect – if you run a sharp blade over your hand you will cut yourself until you have learnt how not to.

We are all more than just a body or just a mind; we are individually and collectively capable of amazing things. The only reason we call these unexplained events magic or miracles is because we don’t understand their causality. The possibility of magic and other unexplained events pervade every culture and society and yet we have collectively stuck our head in the sand and pretended they were the feeble imaginings of a primitive uneducated mind. Try telling this to anyone who has had a spontaneous healing or any other unexplainable event happen in their lives. You could choose to just roll your eyes and decide that they are feeble minded. You may be surprised to know, it takes a very strong and rigorous mind to be able to bring about miracles or magic.

Innovation follows necessity. Necessity is the motivation to create theoretical bridges to new ways of doing things. Once upon a time it was just fantasy that wireless phones would be available, let alone video calling. Rather than dismiss fantasy and science fiction as figments of the mind and certain impossibilities, perhaps they are windows into the world of infinite possibilities.

We so readily accept limitation rather than expansion. The cage door is open more so now than in any other time in our history, do you want to stay inside the cage or do you want to reach for the stars and your full potential. Be the star you are and can be

The most satisfying thing is that as you walk your personal journey you have the opportunity to bring others along with you if they choose.

It is shamarie’s great pleasure and privilege to help others reach their full potential.